Birthrights is the UK’s only organisation dedicated to improving women’s experience of pregnancy and childbirth by promoting respect for human rights. We believe that all women are entitled to respectful maternity care that protects their fundamental rights to dignity, autonomy, privacy and equality.

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How should Health Care Professionals handle a maternal request for caesarean?

13 September 2017

It‘s been unusually noisy in the maternity world over the summer, as media reports have reignited discussion about what a “safe” birth looks like. At Birthrights we believe that the need to listen to women is the mast that all those who care about … Continue reading

Birthrights comments on midwives and normal birth

15 August 2017

In response to this weekend’s news coverage of the Royal College of Midwives, Birthrights’ CEO Rebecca Schiller gave this comment to the Sunday Times: “The RCM’s decision to change the name of its campaign to the ‘Better Births Campaign’ took … Continue reading

Do I have a right to a c-section? Update on Oxford University Hospitals

21 July 2017

On 24th May we launched a campaign to engage with Trusts who state that they do not offer maternal request caesarean sections, thereby denying women the individual respect and consideration they are entitled to. The first Trust we wrote to … Continue reading

Birthrights on Mumsnet

28 June 2017

We’re really pleased to announce that we have not only updated our own set of factsheets, but have partnered with Mumsnet, to update our answers to their most frequently asked questions about rights relating to pregnancy and birth. You can find Mumsnet … Continue reading

Ban on Northern Irish Abortion Upheld

14 June 2017

In a judgment published today, we were disappointed to learn that a Supreme Court appeal, challenging the government’s refusal to provide NHS-funded abortion care in England for women resident in Northern Ireland, has narrowly failed. Birthrights joined coalition of reproductive rights … Continue reading

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