Protecting human rights in childbirth

Birthrights Comments on Sex-Selection Abortion Amendment

Press Release: 19 February 2015 The human rights in childbirth charity Birthrights has serious concerns about amendments to the Serious Crimes bill that could make sex-selection abortion a crime. If passed the amendment to the Serious Crimes Bill (which MPs are due to vote on on Monday 23 February) could lead to a woman who has been pressurised in to … Read more

Birthrights Condemns Guilty Verdict in Purvi Patel Case

Press Release 4 February 2015 Women’s charity condemns guilty verdict as Indiana woman is charged with ‘feticide’ and child neglect. The jury in a landmark case in Indiana has found Purvi Patel guilty of two contradictory charges of ‘feticide’ and child neglect. Despite widespread condemnation of the case by legal experts, health organisations and human rights activists, … Read more

Hearing today in Foetal Alcohol Syndrome case

The Court of Appeal hears the case of CP v Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority today. It will be considering whether consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can constitute the crime of poisoning. Birthrights and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) have provided written submissions to the Court to highlight the serious potential consequences for women’s health and … Read more

Birthrights applies to Court of Appeal to intervene in fetal alcohol case

A forthcoming court case on criminal injuries compensation for a child whose mother drank during pregnancy could pave the way to the criminalisation of pregnant women’s behaviour, Birthrights and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) warned today. We have applied with bpas to address the court on the case, which we believe could seriously undermine … Read more

When maternity doesn't matter – new report shows how badly we are failing vulnerable pregnant women

We are failing the most vulnerable pregnant women in our society. Women who have experienced serious trauma and abuse in their home countries, who often have underlying health conditions, and who are in the UK seeking refuge and protection. The report published today by the Refugee Council and Maternity Action explains how we take these … Read more

Midwives to ask women about FGM

Interesting story yesterday about plans for midwives to ask routine questions about female genital mutilation in ante-natal appointments. Generally women will not have vaginal examinations during their pregnancies, so unless the question is asked (and answered honestly) it’s impossible to know whether they have suffered FGM until they are examined during or after childbirth. It’s … Read more