Protecting human rights in childbirth

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Midwives to ask women about FGM

Interesting story yesterday about plans for midwives to ask routine questions about female genital mutilation in ante-natal appointments. Generally women will not have vaginal examinations during their pregnancies, so unless the question is asked (and answered honestly) it’s impossible to know whether they have suffered FGM until they are examined during or after childbirth. It’s … Read more

US research reveals widespread mistreatment of pregnant women

A study just published in the USA finds horrifying mistreatment of pregnant women based on misguided application of ‘pro-life’ laws. The groundbreaking research reveals how attempts to create a separate legal entity for fetuses have led to arrests, detentions, and forced medical interventions on pregnant women. Co-authored by Lynn Paltrow at National Advocates for Pregnant … Read more

Shocking report into use of force on pregnant immigration detainees

The Guardian has reported today on the UK Borders Agency refusal to stop its security contractors (the notorious G4S) using force to remove pregnant women from the UK. Pregnant women have reported being mistreated by G4S staff – including being pushed in the stomach and dragged around the floor. The Prison Inspectorate reported on mistreatment … Read more

Birthrights on Woman's Hour!

Birthrights featured on Woman’s Hour today discussing respecting women’s choices in childbirth. Elizabeth Prochaska, Birthrights founder and board member, was interviewed by Jenny Garvey with Daghni Rajasingam, consultant obstetrician and spokesperson for RCOG. You can listen here.