Protecting human rights in childbirth

Registered Charity Number 1151152

About Birthrights

Birthrights champions respectful care during pregnancy and childbirth by protecting human rights. We provide advice and information on your legal rights, train doctors and midwives, and campaign to change maternity policy and systems.

Our Vision

To ensure everyone receives the respect and dignity they deserve in pregnancy and childbirth.

Our Mission

To become the authority on human rights in pregnancy and childbirth in the UK and use that influence to improve services and practice throughout the maternity system.

Our Values


You matter. Your experience of pregnancy and childbirth matters.



We believe the maternity system doesn’t work without the pregnant woman or birthing person at its heart.


Safe, quality, lawful care recognises that you deserve to be treated as an individuals. We listen to them you and engage with compassion.


Our authority comes from unrivalled understanding of the legal issues in maternity care and insight into the emotional needs of women or birthing people at one of the most critical times of their lives.


We understand how the system works. We want to evolve attitudes and services using innovative and tangible tools and ideas.



Human rights are for everyone. We want to be a safe space and champion for anyone who needs us, particularly those who face the most discrimination and disadvantage in maternity care.

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