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New opportunities at Birthrights! Clinical Advisory Network and Associate Trainers

Could you help us to improve maternity care? We are recruiting for new Associate Trainers and a new Clinical Advisory Network to inform our work.

Join our Clinical Advisory Network 

In response to our inclusion goals, the challenging external environment, the complexity of needs we see in our advice work, and the evident appetite from a wider range of healthcare professionals to contribute to our mission, we are appointing a new Clinical Advisory Network to shape our future direction, with a focus on strategy and policy. We are keen to recruit an initial group of around 12 healthcare professionals to work with us for around six months to determine how this group should work, before potentially expanding its membership. 

As part of the Clinical Advisory Network, you will provide clinical advice and expertise to inform Birthrights’ future organisational strategy, policy objectives, and delivery of our core mission. You will also operate as a network of champions to increase Birthrights’ profile and influence within the wider NHS and other relevant audiences, input on content aimed at healthcare professionals and advise as to how Birthrights can best support healthcare professionals.

This is a voluntary role (expenses paid), and the commitment is no more than an hour a month.

For the full details of the role, click here.

Could you be a Birthrights Associate Trainer?

At a time when healthcare professionals are under increasing pressure from competing requirements and stretched resources, human rights law empowers and protects healthcare professionals who want to offer tailored and personalised care to everyone they care for. We reach thousands of healthcare professionals each year through our online and face to face training on human rights law, and thanks to increased demand, we are looking for experienced trainers to join our Associate Trainer team.

We will give you the training you need, ongoing support and pay you for the training sessions you do. You will need to be available at least twice a year to deliver training sessions and be willing and able to contribute to the development of our training programme. 

For more information on our training offer, read our brochure.

For full details of the role, click here.

How to apply


The deadline for Associate Trainer applicants is noon on the 21st March.

The deadline for CAN applicants is noon on the 25th April.

Although being a member of the CAN does not preclude you from being a trainer or vice versa we are looking to ensure that a wide range of individuals can contribute to our work, so you may want to consider which role you would be most interested in before applying.

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    • Hi Jess, unfortunately these positions have been filled so we are no longer advertising the role. And to answer your query, yes you have to have a background in either law or medics to be able to facilitate our training. Hope this helps, regards Sydney (team coordinator).


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