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Legal challenge to visitor restrictions

Birthrights is keen to hear from individuals who would be interested in legally challenging visitor restrictions in maternity services at their local Trust.

You could be in the early stages of pregnancy and concerned about the fact that your partner will not be with you during scans or at other crucial points during your maternity care. You could also be a partner who is keen to be at their loved one’s side. Or you could already have been affected by the restrictions, for example, having received bad news on your own, having asked for your partner to be there.

You are unlikely to receive financial compensation, but we will ensure your legal costs are covered.

To find out more with no commitment please contact us at advice@birthrights.org.uk

7 thoughts on “Legal challenge to visitor restrictions”

  1. Who would the legal challenge be against? The public policy makers?

    I wouldn’t want to sue the NHS as they have more than enough on their plate.

    • Hi Abi

      These decisions on visitor restrictions are ultimately for individual NHS Trusts to make and therefore the challenge would be against an NHS Trust where we felt the restrictions weren’t proportionate and were harming women and their families. We do not embark challenges lightly and have engaged with Trusts and bodies such as NHS England and the Royal Colleges over the last six months to generate change. Legal action is a last resort.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m interested in being part of the campaign you & Pregnant Then Screwed are running, that challenges the restrictions currently in place that’s state birth partners aren’t allowed in for scans or fill labour. I am currently 30 weeks & gravely concerned that I may have to go it alone. My partner can potentially go to the pub but can’t attend these vital appointments.

    I saw the campaign on the Pregnant Then Screwed Instagram page. However, I’m a bit concerned about filling out a Google form with my personal details. Is there any other way I can participate?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi there

      Please feel free to email us at advice@birthrights.org.uk We will need to know which Trust you are being cared for though and its is likely that quite a lot of your personal details would have to be included in court documentation if you wanted to proceed…

    • Hi Sam thanks for contacting us and please bear with us. OUr legal partners is currently sifting through a couple of hundred potential cases – we will get back to you asap!


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