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Ongoing visitor restrictions in maternity services

This weekend Alicia Kearns MP and over 60 Conservative MPs wrote to NHS Trusts demanding the removal of visiting restrictions in maternity. Day after day, for many months now, Birthrights has been hearing directly from women and their families about the trauma ongoing restrictions are causing. The hashtag #butnotmaternity created by our friends at Birthbliss Academy has been trending on social media over the last couple of weeks and the frustration and anger we have been seeing has captured the attention of the media. Trusts have a duty to ensure that ongoing restrictions are a proportionate response to the pandemic and that the harm caused by restrictions has been properly considered in the decision making process. We have continued to highlight Trusts who have gone out of their way to ensure their services remain family-centred, even during the pandemic. If you are currently attending appointments and scans alone, you can now use our template letter to write to your local Trust…

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