Protecting human rights in childbirth

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Birthrights joins nearly 120,000 voices calling for buffer zones around abortion clinics

Birthrights co-chair Rebecca Schiller will join Erika GarrettCaroline Lucas MPDr Clare Gerada (GP and past Chair of Royal College of GPs), representatives from the British Humanists Association, Brook, and Reclaim Rossyln Road residents association to deliver this change.org petition to 10 Downing Street at 2pm on Wednesday 4 March.
The petition was started by Erika Garrett after seeing video footage of a pregnant woman confronting anti-abortion protesters and has been signed by nearly 120,000 people as well as supported by many key organisations such as Mumsnet, RCOG and RCM. 
Rebecca Schiller says, “It is unacceptable that vulnerable women accessing a vital service should feel intimidated and unsafe. Protest is important, but we must differentiate between protest and harassment. Worryingly harassment activity outside clinics is on the rise. Legislation that allows for protest but defines the boundaries between a legitimate expression of opinion and the aggressive filming, photographing and confrontation of women at an often-emotional time is vital. Birthrights is proud to lend our support to this petition and bpas’ Back Off campaign. “
For more information please email press@birthrights.org.uk or call 07793084945.