“Engaging, informative and practical. This will change the way I care for women forever.”

We want to empower multi-disciplinary teams to provide respectful care to women during pregnancy and birth. Our training and education programme aims to directly improve care for women and families, change practice, address inequalities at the frontline and strengthen the case for the use of human rights in maternity care.

Human Rights in Maternity Care Training 

The foundation of all our training is an exploration of human rights principles, the legal framework they derive from and what it means for maternity care.

When healthcare professionals are under increasing pressure from competing requirements, human rights law empowers and protects healthcare professionals who put women at the centre of their care, fulfilling the vision set out in “Better Births”. Through our training participants will gain an understanding of the legal requirement to offer human rights-centred care and what this means in practice.

Our training covers:

  • An introduction to human rights values and how these are derived from the European Convention of Human Rights/Human Rights Act 1998 and other relevant legislation
  • An exploration of key case law judgements including Montgomery vs Lanarkshire and the implications for delivering maternity care on a daily basis
  • Case study discussion in small groups about common human rights scenarios in maternity care eg choice of place of birth, maternal request caesarean, out of guidelines care
  • How to document for choice (full day only)

An introduction to this topics can be covered in a 2-3 hour (half-day session) or can be covered in depth, allowing for more time for reflection and discussion over a full day (6 hours of training plus lunch).

We also offer tailored training courses which cover this content but with a particular focus on:

Creating a Safe Maternity Culture

Informed consent following the Montgomery decision

How to support women who want out of guidelines care

What people say about our training

100% of participants we surveyed in September 2018 said they would recommend our training to others.

“I just wanted to write and say an enormous thank you to Birthrights for the hard work and excellent delivery that makes your study days some of the best I have ever attended. Thought-provoking doesn’t really cover it left me totally rethinking my practice and my interactions with women. So grateful that I got to hear the session. The trainers were awesome and spoke with both passion and extensive knowledge.” (Lead Midwife for Clinical Education/Training Organiser)

“I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the workshop you provided- it was brilliantly informative and real food for thought” (Participant April 18)

“I found the training so inspiring thank you” (Participant April 17)

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