US research reveals widespread mistreatment of pregnant women

A study just published in the USA finds horrifying mistreatment of pregnant women based on misguided application of ‘pro-life’ laws.

The groundbreaking research reveals how attempts to create a separate legal entity for fetuses have led to arrests, detentions, and forced medical interventions on pregnant women.

Co-authored by Lynn Paltrow at National Advocates for Pregnant Women, an inspirational organisation fighting hard to resist the rising incursions on pregnant women’s autonomy in the name of their unborn child.

Premiere screening of Freedom for Birth – Rio Cinema, Dalston

Birthrights is co-hosting a free screening of this exciting new documentary about human rights in childbirth. It will be held at the Rio Cinema, Dalston, at 6.15pm on 20 September 2012.

You can see a trailer for the film featuring Birthrights lawyer, Elizabeth Prochaska, here.

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